Machine visiting at SCHUY

Our production hall in Hünfeld is full of different types of filling and packaging machines at the moment. Some machines are ready for delivery, other machines are still in construction. So this is a very good moment for you to receive an excellent impression of our machinery. It is possible to have interesting conversations with our sales departement about the different types of filling and packaging machines and how do they work. Please do not miss this chance and take some time to see our comprehensive machine program at close quarters.
At the moment, there are the following machines in construction or ready for shipment:

- Cupfiller BF 2000, 1-track rotary filler,

- Cupfiller BF 4000, 2-track rotary filler,
- SchuCup 5000, 2-track rotary filler,
- SchuPack Wrap-around Packer

Further more you can see at all times our Easyline - made by SCHUY delivery program for the farmer-to-consumer market (e.g. semi automatic filling and sealing machines) and more than 350 used machines in our stock in Hünfeld.

You will find a detailed description of the machines here:

beschreibung_eng.pdf [799 KB]

We are looking forward to your answer and your approach for a meeting. Please send us an email to or take a call by +49(0)6652-6060.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.