Company History


After collecting a lot of important experiences in the filling- and packaging sector, Mr. Hans Schuy founded on 1st of september 1977 the Hans Schuy GmbH as a manufacturing and trading company for packing and final packaging for the food, dairy, and beverage packing industry. Like every success story, the one of SCHUY started also in a garage.


Few months after starting the business, the old garage became too small. So in December 1977, a storehouse with 200 m2 was rented in Künzell.


In december 1979, the first new production plant was built in the northern industrial sector of Hünfeld. Immediately, the production started in this new 700 m2 building.


2 years later, the administrative employees of the company SCHUY moved to a new built 100 m2 office building.


Two further years left, a new warehouse was built. With immediate effect, the second hand machines have been stored in this 2000 m2 hall.


The old office building became too small, so a new one with 600 m2 was planned and built with a 3D CAD centrum, room for training course and so on.


In year 1986, a further estate with a total surface of 7000 m2 was bought in the industrial area „Am Stauster“ in Hünfeld.


Due to high requests of filling- and packaging machines, a high modern turning- and milling center was built (500 m2) in 1987.


In 1988, a new 2400 m2 production-/ storage- and presentation hall was built at SCHUY´s head office in Hünfeld, to increase the production capacities.
Due to big windows, the working atmosphere is very enjoyable for the employees.


To connect the new production hall with the office building, a wintergarden was created as an entrance corner for the guests.
Due to a nice flora and a water fall, the atmosphere in this garden is very relaxing.


In 1991, the bought 7000 m2 estate was covered with two big warehouses to store all of the several hundreds of second hand machines and equipments.


The subsidiary company Schupack GmbH was founded in Hünfeld in the middle of 1990`s.


Beside the very good second hand machines business, SCHUY started designing their first new machines. The beginning have been cupfilling machines out of the SchuCup series.


Additionally, SCHUY started designing end-of-line components which will sold under the label SchuPack.
Due to this massive product range, SCHUY can delivery all machines out of one supplier.


Development and publication of the first semi-automatic sealing device type HA 75/95.


The development of the first traypacker 'SchuPack Pick&Place Packer' is the begin of the succesful SchuPack-series. Just some months later also the 'SchuPack Wrap-around Packer' is going to be part of the SchuPack-series. It is the next step of the expansion strategy for the SchuPack-series.


SCHUY is going to build its first bucketfiller of the SchuCup-series.


The next important step for SCHUY: All filling- and packaging machines are working now with servo technology from ELAU/ Schneider.


Publication of the carton erector 'SchuPack TA-30', a further end-of-line packaging machine of the SchuPack-series.


The first servo-controlled trayerector 'SchuPack STA' is going to be delivered with a complete filling- and packaging line to Hungary. True to the slogan: 'Everything from one source'


Delivery of the first double-eight track high cup filling system 'SchuCup 30000' to Saudi-Arabia. Capacity: 30,000 cups/ h.


Development of the Easyline cupfilling machines 'BF 2000' and 'BF 4000' - made by SCHUY.


Schuy Maschinenbau GmbH today:

- 40 years Know-How
- Family owned company
- Export more than 70 % in 2015
- Sold more than 2500 machines

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