Doseur D-PF1

For semi-automatic filling and dispensing of liquid and free flowing paste products.

Suitable for products such as yogurt, cottage cheese, jams, creams, cosmetics, etc. in cups, bottles, cans, tins, jars or similar containers. To be filled, the container is placed under the filling head, the product is drawn from the container via a feed dosing unit and ejected volumetrically.
Full Pneumatic version without electricity.

The filling pulse is triggered by a pneumatic foot switch.
By replacing the footswitch with pneumatic components such as a light barrier or an external control pulse, this Dosing unit can also be integrated into existing systems.

Capacity: 600-1800 filling operations per hour (dependent on product volume, filling speed, operating personnel, etc.)

Number of filling heads: 1

Type: Filling range:
D-PF1-60 10 - 60 ml
D-PF1-250 25 - 250 ml
D-PF1-500 100 - 500 ml
D-PF1-1000 100 - 1.000 ml
D-PF1-2500 250 - 2.500 ml
D-PF1-5000 500 - 5.000 ml

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