Doseur D-S1

For filling of salads like potato salad

First, the salad must be filled into the product hopper. This hopper can be designed in different sizes. For hotfilling, the hopper will be designed in with two chambers. So the hopper can be heated with hot water.
In the next step, the cup/canister/bucket must be placed under the filling nozzle. By using a foot switch the filling step will be released and the salad will be fillied into the package.

By installing an electr. control, the device can be implemented to a fullautomatic filling machine. So the customer can chosse between semiautomatic and fullautomatic filling.

Capacity: up to 1200 cups/ h, depending on product operator etc.
Filling range: e.g. 200 - 1200 g, others on request
Filling volume: Can be adjusted easily by using a hand wheel with counting device. So different filling volumes can be selected in short time
Product hopper: - Stainless stell
- Volume e.g. 70 Liter, others on request
- Optional heatable for hotfilling
Design: Stainless steel
Filling nozzle: Cutting system
System: Pneumatic system. If the machine will be used for fullautomatic filling, an electric control is necessary. For automatic filling, the Easyline BF 2000 is one of the best machine.

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