Handsealing Device HA75/95

Which cups can be sealed?
Plastic cups (Ø75 or 95 mm) will be sealed with an aluminium lid or plastic lid.

How does the handsealing device work?
Already filled cups will be manually inserted in the cellular board and covered with an aluminium lid. The board will then be push under the sealing head where the cups will be sealed. When the sealing-head comes down, the loose lid will be heat sealed onto the cup. In the meantime the next cup can be inserted in the other cell and covered with a lid.

A change of format from Ø 75mm to Ø 95mm can be done quick and efficient.

Capacity: approx. 400 sealings/ h
Electric Consumption:: 230 V; 3,3 A; 0,75 kW
Measurements: 560 x 310 x 650 mm

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