SchuCup two-in-one

In 2011, the first SchuCup two-in-one was delivered to a customer in saudi arabia

Capacity: for example 1kg / snap-on: up to 25 cycles/min
System: 2 to 6- lane construction possible
Operation: Schneider electric touch Panel

Empty buckets will be separated from the magazine by the bucket feeder and will be placed on the format board.
The chainfeed transports the format boards with the buckets through the machine, and position them under the machine stations.
Under the stations the buckets will be cleaned, filled and sealed.
The finished buckets will be pushed onto the discharge conveyor belt and leave the machine.

- vertical bucket magazine
- filling system
- sealing station (optional)
- snap-on lid placing station
- snap-on lid station
- bucket pusher
- discharge conveyer belt

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