Depalettizer DP25

The Schuy-depalettizer is construced as semi-automatic unit for depalettizing of bottles, glasses, tins and other packing drums for smaller and normal capacities.

With the depalettizer empty bottles, glasses, tins or similar packing drums are transported from the paletts to the transport bands of filling machines.

Capacity: approx. 2,5 layers/min
min. 2 paletts/h
Electrical supply data: 3 x 400/230V, 50Hz
Air requirements: 7 Nm³/h at 6 bar
Control: The control is made wit a Siemens SPS-Control. (PLC)
Size of paletts: 800 x 1.200 mm up to max. 1.180 x 1.420 mm
Packaging height: max. 1.500 mm incl. paletts
approx. 25 layers each with carton intermediate layers.

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