Rebuilt Machines

What is the meaning of „general overhaul or rebuilt“?
With a general overhaul, we resolve the complete machine into their component parts. This means we start from scratch. This is the only way we can be sure that all parts will be checked.
All electrical and pneumatical devices will be exchanged with new devices. While checking the mechanical parts we decide either we overhaul the device to a good technical condition or we produce the corresponding part new if the condition is under 80 %. Because of all these procedures, we are also able to cover the complete spare-part and after-sales-service area.

What are the advantages of our general rebuilt machines?
We are able to grant a gurantee for a "like new" machine because we have checked each part in detail. You get a very good price performance ratio as the costs for a rebuilt machine are less then for a new machine. New products or test markets can be calculated more clearly. The delivery time is also shorter for a comparable new machine. This is also an advantage for you, as you can act faster on the market with your product. We are also able to realize special modifications. If it is another cup size, a special product or an additional station for the machine, we already have realized a lot of the ideas of our customers.

Please find here a short overview of some rebuilted and delivered machines:

Hamba BK 8008 A Hamba BK 8008 A 8 lanes Cup diameter 95 mm Cupelevator Cup and lid sterilization incl. 3 special ...

Illig FS 31 Complete overhauled Illig FS 31 with integrated packing system for 10 g butterpieces

Hamba 6000

Hamba 2400

Bosch TFA

Ampack QH16 Butterkartonpacker

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