Bosch TFA 241

Machine data

Manufacturer: Bosch
Model: TFA 241
Machine no.: 6629
Category: Thermo-forming machine
Condition: Not rebuilt yet

Pictures of the Bosch TFA 241

The Bosch Form Fill and Seal machine works intermittently. The thermofoil will be subtracted from the storage roll, locking through a H2O2 bath and afterwards dried in the sterile-area of the machine. After passing the pre-upwinding, the sterilized thermofoil will be heated and formed by sterile air pressure. After that, the formed cups will be transported intermittent to the filling area of the TFA 241, where the cups will be filled with coffee cream for example. The sterilized cover film will supplied to the formed and filled cups under sterile conditions.
Inside the sterile area, the cups will be pre-sealed by a sealing station. Shortly after the cups have leaved this area, the closing will be effected by a main sealing station.
In a cooling station, the cups and also the therforming- and sealingtools will be cooled down through circulating water. In the next machine station, the bundles will be blanked to single cups. A blanking tool for e.g. 5 items bundles are also possible again a little charge.
The blanked cups will be transported out of the machine through a discharge conveyor belt or a chute. The lead frames will be rolled on a further roll.

Capacity: 18000 - 20000 cups / h
Lanes: 5-lanes longitudinale machine
Tool: Blanking tool for either single cups or 1 x 5 bundles
Actual size: Ø 44 mm
height 20 mm
Main filler: - for liquid products
- manufacturer: Bosch
- dosing kind: cold HD
- filling range: 7 - 10 cm3
Cleaning: CIP-able
Sterilisation: H2O2
Dating device: Stamp
Measurements (lxwxh): 4,8 m x 1,3 m x 2,4 m
Power: 380 V; 50 A; 20 KW
Air: 60000 L/ h

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