Easyline FF2

The canfiller "FF2" is a pneumatic driven semi-automatic unit.
The product to be filled will be aspirated through a tube and filled with a volume piston into the positioned canister.
The positioning of the canister under the filling head happens manually.
The filling range is max. 5000 ml. With different programm settings bigger canister can be filled also (e.g. 30 Liter canister).

Construction: With one or two filling heads

Capacity: approx. 150 canister/h (at 10-Liter-canistern)
(depending on product, filling speed, packaging material etc.)

- semi-automatic design, movable on reels
- volume-dosing of liquid and light pasty products
- filling quantity volumetric
- Pneumatic-electric system
- The filling cycle is started via a foot switch
- parts which comes in contact with the product are out of stainless steel and food grade plastics
(product specific changes can be done on request)

- measurements: approx. 1.200 x 800 x 1.600 mm