Schuy bottle line

Capacity: 4500 - 5000 bottles/h

- bottle erector
- sorting station of non-erected bottles
- turning and blow-out station
- 8-fold inline filler
- screw capper
- HF-sealing module
- sleeve labeler
- sleeve shrinking unit
- incl. conveyor belt, safety casing, control etc.

The loose bottles are placed into the silo of the bottle erector and conveyed automatically to the rotary sorter. This is followed by the erecting of the bottles. Non-erected bottle are sorted to the side.

In the turning and blow-out station the bottles are turned and blown out to remove possible foreign material.

Afterwards the bottles are in the line filler, where they are positioned and filled. In the rotary capper, the bottles are sealed with a screw cap.

The screw cap which already contains the aluminium lid, will then be sealed by the HF-sealing module contact-free.

Afterwards a sleeve label is put over the bottle and will be shrunk around the bottle in the sleeve shrinking unit.