SchuCup 3000/2

- Capacity up to 3,000 cups/ hour
- 1-track rotary filler (double-stroke design)

Which products can be filled?
- liquids (e.g. natural joghurt, fruit joghurt, cream, fruit juices, marmelade, dressings, etc.)
- flowing pasty products (e.g. curds, cottage cheese, deli-salads, ketchup, mayonnaise etc.)
- lumpy products (e.g. joghurt with fruit pieces)

Which buckets can be filled and sealed?
Plastic buckets for example Ø 110 mm and a volume of eg 1000 ml are filled and closed with a snp-on lid.
Buckets with handles are also possible.

Machine construction:
Simple and clear operation. Single machine station will be operated mechanically, pneumatically or through servodrive. The complete machine is fitted with a stainless steel and high-tech polycarbonate (Makrolon) safety casing.

Which stations are included in the standard version?
- SPS control with touchpanel
- Bucket destacking
- CIP/ SIP-suitable main filler (incl. balance tank with level sensor)
- Snap-on lid station with magazine
- Snap-on lid pushing station
- Conveyor belt

Which additional options are possible for the bucketfiller?
- Servo drive technology
- Machine casing incl. laminar hood, up to VDMA class IV
- Bucket elevator with magazine
- Bucket sterilization with UVC high power heater
- CIP-capable pre- and/or past filler each 10 - 60 ml
- CO2/NO2-gassing before and/or after filling of buckets
- Aluminium lid magazine with hotsealing station
- Aluminium lid sterilization with IR-highpower heater or UVC
- Bucket squeezer
- Technical service via remote control module