Easyline BF 2000

- Capacity up to 2,000 cups/ hour
- 1-track rotary filler

Which products can be filled?
- Dairy products such as yoghurt, cream, processed cheese, pudding, cottage cheese, sour cream, etc.
- Fine food products such as spreads, salads, ketchup, jams, dressing, etc.
- Other products such as cereals, pet food, drinks, etc.
- Non-food products such as granules, soil, detergent, care products, cosmetics, etc.

Which packaging can be processed?
- Type: cups, buckets, jars
- Form: round, rectangular, oval, two-chamber cups, etc.
- Size and volume: according to customer requirements

Which machine stations are included in the standard version?
- Cup magazine with cup destacking
- Piston-valve-filler
- Lid placing station
- Heat-sealing station
- Discharge conveyor (powered by electricity)

Which additional machine stations are available?
- Various formats
- Buffer magazine for increased storage time
- CIP/ SIP-able filler (incl. balance tank with level sensor)
- Pre- and post-filler
- Snap-on lid station
- Ink-Jet coding
- More on request

Which hygienic options are available for the filling machine?
- Laminar flow cover with sterile air overlapping
- Sterilization of packaging
- More on request

- Siemens S7 - 1200
- 4” Siemens coloured touchpanel

Advantages of Easyline rotary filler
- Convincing price/ performance ratio
- Superior user friendliness through visualized touchpanel
- Compact design for integration in close quarters
- Driveable design for different production areas
- High-quality materials and components from well- known suppliers

- Full logistic and customs service
- Installation, commissioning, training and production support by SCHUY technicians
- Control technical service via remote maintenance module (VPN)
- After-Sales Service
- Material standard according to customer requirements