SchuPack TA-30 Cartonerector

The first carton erector SchuPack TA-30 was delivered to greece in 2010

First, the cartonmagazine has to be loaded by the machine operator manually.After that, the flat banks will be forwarded to the stamp. During this step, hot glue will be sprayed on the carton. By activating the vertical stamp, the carton will be fold in its final layout.
After folding, the carton will be forwarded to a discharge conveyor belt, which transports the carton for example to the SchuPack GS-30 Gittersetzer. With this machine a fence can be placed in the carton. So it is possible to put cups as well as small buckets in this carton form. Without placed fence, also multipacks can be placed in the carton.

Capacity: approx. 30 cartons/ min
Manufacturer Gluing device: Robatech, alternative Nordson
Control: SPS
Electricity consumption: 220/380 V; ca. 3-5 kW
Air consumption: approx. 0,4 Nm3/min
Measurements: approx. 1800 x 900 x 1900 mm