Hamba BK 6004

Machine data

Manufacturer: Hamba
Model: BK 6004
Machine no.: 7117
Category: Cupfiller
Condition: Not rebuilt yet

Pictures of the Hamba BK 6004

The Hamba BK 6004 is a four-lane longitudinale machine, which fills liquid, pasty or lumpy products. At first the cups will be de-stacked and afterwards filled by a pre filler. After fruits, pieces of chocolate etc. are filled into the cup, the yoghurt will be filled on the pre filled products.

After filling, the alu lids will be placed on the filled cups, pre centred and sealed with the cup during the next working cycle. After the cups are filled and closed, they will be printed with a date and then handed over to the connected A+F packer.

Capacity: 7000 - 8000 cups/ h
Lanes: 4 Lane longitudinale machine
Actual Cupsize: Ø 95 mm
height 70 mm
Max. Cupsize: Ø 95 mm
height 100 mm
Main Filler: - manufacturer: Hamba
- filling range: 100 cm³ - 500 cm³;
- cleaning: CIP-able
Closure: Sealing
Measurements (lxwxh): 4,7 m x 1,3 m x 2 m
Power: 380 V; 18,5 A; 7 KW
Air: 5000 L/ h