Lieder TA 51 V Drude I

Machine data

Manufacturer: Lieder
Model: TA 51 V Drude I
Machine no.: 6877
Category: Cupfiller
Condition: Not rebuilt yet

Pictures of the Lieder TA 51 V Drude I

The Lieder TA 51 V Drude I is a one-way rotary-machine, which fills ice cream in angled packages. At first the packages will be de-stacked and afterwards filled by a main filler.
After filling, the alu lids will be placed on the filled cups, pre centred and sealed with the cup during the next working cycle by thermal-contact-welding.
In the next working cycle, the packages will be additionally closed with snap-on lids.

Capacity: 1500 - 1800 cups / h
Lanes: 1-Way rotary machine
Max. Cupsize: 180 x 180 x 100 mm
Actual Cupsize: 160 x 190 x 100 mm
Main Filler: - for pasty products
- manufacturer: Lieder
- filling range: 800 cm³ - 2000 cm³
- cleaining: manual
Closure: Sealing
Measurements (lxwxh): 2,6 m x 1,85 m x 2,5 m
Power: 415 V; 20,0 A; 8,3 KW
Air: 10000 L/h