Benhil 8216

Machine data

Manufacturer: Benhil
Model: 8216
Machine no.: 6819
Category: Margarine filler
Condition: Not rebuilt yet

Pictures of the Benhil 8216

The Benhil 8216 is a five-lane longitudinal machine, which fills magarine in 500 gr. cups.
After filling, the cups will be closed by a snap-on station.
When the cups are filled and closed, the will be discharged out of the machine via conveyer belt.

Capacity: 10000 - 12000 packages / h
Lanes: 5- Lane longitudinale machine
Actual package size: 140 x 92 x 60 mm
weight 500 g
Closure: Snap-on
Measurements (lxwxh): 5,6 m x 1,45 m x 2 m
Power: 400 V; 21,0 A; 8,8 KW
Air: 4000 L/h
Others: - for Euro-cup size with snap-on lids
- separate control cabinet
- automatic central lubrication
- direct supply